We focus on developing both the physical and mental aspects of the game to ensure that players have exposure and understand the total game.

​​​​​​​ Player Development

At ELITEHOOPS we focus on the fundamentals and basketball IQ of EACH player. We evaluate both the tangible and intangible facets of their development.

​​​​​​​ Ball Handling

When it comes to skill development, experience matters.  Our coaches are USA Youth Basketball Certified- most were former professional and collegiate players with deep knowledge and experience of the game.

 Passing & Shooting

​​​​​​​The fundamentals of basketball are the foundation for every individual play, offensive or defensive strategy and every move that players make. The ELITE players have perfected the basics of the game- which makes the game much easier!


​​​​​​​ Footwork & Body Control




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Helping Young Athletes  Learn, Develop and Master Basketball Fundamentals  to Become the Best Basketball Players They Can Be. 


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COVID-19 Update: Elite Hoops is open for IN PERSON private and semi-private lessons only at this time.  Please contact Coach William for more information.

ELITE HOOPS is forming an AAU Basketball Team for the Summer/Fallll/Winter Season.. Find out how you can earn a spot on Prosper's Elite Baksetball Program

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